today, my blog is turning two years old, so i made this psd to thank for every single one of you, who were with me through this time, it really mean a world to me, i love you guys <3

this is:

  • a simple psd, which is brownish/orangeish/pinkish (+ all reds will turn into pinks)
  • it works on absolutely everything (episodes, interviews, behind the scenes, photoshoots, even pictures)
  • contains vibrance
  • of course, you are going to have to adjust the brightness layer (i named it to “adjust”), depending of scene’s lightening
  • you may also need to reduce the vibrance, if scene/picture is too vibrant, or adjust selective color layer, if it looks too pinkish
  • and also, if it looks too orangeish, change color fill layer’s opacity to 15-20%, depending on the scene

of course DON’T FORGET to like/reblog this post before downloading, srsly don’t be asshole, okay?


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