"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison


so when are we gonna stop pretending beer tastes good

1 year since Cory’s last tweet

1 year since Cory’s last tweet


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anselelgortsbutt said: I know, literally months, is sad but it’s okay, I will always be here for you. Oh, you have no idea. You’d be surprised of how quickly I changed fandoms (still watch degrassi sometimes but it makes me sick) and you did? Yay! I loved it tbh.

yup :c well, i have a tumblr app on my phone, so i promise to write you sometimes!
and ahh yess, i know that feeling! when i was still into fandom stuff, i kinda had my main ones, but others ones just kept changing, sometimes even i used to get confussed haha c:
i still watch Degrassi, but it has been sooo shitty since, i think, Showdown?, so i don’t really enjoy anything of it anymore (except maybe that Grace girl, which seems so cool <3 ), but i feel like a need to watch it, since i’ve been a fan for more than 5 years (and watching the show for even more years). even tho, i usually end up rewatching early seasons, which were gold.
TFIOS premiered on my birthday in Lithuania (june 20th), so that’s when i watched it, even tho i already knew the plot, ending and other stuff before i saw the movie, but i still got al, emotional haha. the movie was great, the whole story is great too and now i’m reading a book, because i couldn’t force myself to do it earlier, even  tho i’ve been wanting to read the book for awile.

anselelgortsbutt said: You look beautiful my sweet angel and I miss you so much, you have no idea. But I’m glad to hear you are okay. Love you!

awww, Leslieee, i miss you a lot too! it’s been ages since we talked tho. but i can’t not notice your url, looks like someone’s obsessed with TFIOS haha (*whispers* i really like it too c: )


i know i haven’t posted anything in more than a month, but i completely gave up on all fandoms, because i feel like i outgrew them etc.

i still catch up with Degrassi, True Blood, & Adventure Time episodes, which are airing on summer, but i don’t feel like freaking out about every episode & show, like i used to before.

anyways, it’s not why i’m publishing this post.
i just wanted to tell you guys, that i miss you like crazy, and also, since i haven’t been anything close to active on here, i forgot to mention, that in the last days of may i dyed my hair!

some of you know i’ve had an ombre hair since october 2013, and i really loved it, but i decided to dye my hair blue, because i’ve been dying to do that and my mom was okay with it too. so i bleached my hair and been blonde for about 2-3 days (i thought i would stay blonde for a month or so, but i kinda hated my hair like that). then i dyed it blue, and it turned out to be blueish/greenish color, which is now light green (i haven’t dyed my hair since may, but the color still doesn’t wash off, which is kind of weird, since the dye supposted to be semi permanent). i love how it looks tho!
now i’m looking forward to washing off all the green i have in my hair, then bleaching it a bit more and then going for darker or deeper blue, or maybe even red in near future :3