"Everybody’s scared of something."


sitting on top of the christmas tree because you are the star


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♡skins blog♡

Back to School 

  • Kindergarten: No mom please please I don't want to go please take me home
  • Elementary/Middle: I can't wait to see my friends!!! this is gonna be a great school year bye mom!
  • High school: No mom please please I don't want to go please take me home


hey this is considered a funny moment but chris is being abusive here. let’s not forget that chris literally almost shot scott in front of allison while she was sobbing and begging him not to. so it is absolutely not humorous that he is using his guns to threaten isaac simply for being involved in allison and yelling at her afterward.

chris is abusive toward allison throughout the entire show. his abuse (which often came from victoria as well) includes:

  • telling allison that if she doesn’t tell him everything she knows about the kanima, it’s her fault that people are dying. (he showed her corpses while he yelled this at her.)
  • kidnapping her and tying her up in the place where saw her aunt murdered.
  • following her and trying to kill her boyfriend in front of her.
  • raising her to believe that she wasn’t good at anything but archery and gymnastics, and as a result she should give up poetry, photography, etc., a.k.a. skills that didn’t directly benefit him. 
  • enabling much of gerard and victoria’s abuse of her, which included emotional abuse, physical intimidation, manipulation, and stalking.
  • trying to keep her forming relationships outside of her family. this was done both through making sure they never lived somewhere more than a year and by actively discouraging her from prioritizing her friends and from seeing scott. this happened in every season.
  • on that note, keeping allison from her biggest source of emotional support, scott, and telling her that if she saw him, they would kill them and it would be her fault.
  • helping victoria commit suicide on allison’s bed.
  • denying her privacy.
  • shooting at her in 2x11. let’s be real, chris didn’t give a shit if allison hurt boyd (chris himself had been planning to find him and do god know what). he only objected to allison’s behavior that resulted from gerard’s abuse when it became clear chris no longer had control over her. (we also saw this when he got all high and mighty at kate for threatening scott in 1x12 once kate had more control of allison than he did. one episode later, he was trying to kill scott the same way she tried to.)
  • raising her to believe that all he wanted from her was for her to obey him and be a hunter and that he had never been proud of her. (by the way, he never did tell her that he was proud of her, at least not onscreen. even when she told him she was proud of him.)

as a fandom, let’s please recognize that allison is a victim of child abuse at the hands of her entire family, including chris. he is not a hero, and his treatment of allison is not okay. 


be a pal and like people’s text posts. reblog their selfies. respond to their questions. even if you don’t know the answer and even if you’ve never really talked to them before. there’s nothing worse that feeling alone on a website where everyone promotes love and friendship.